Our Mission

The purpose of the Rib Mountain Repeater Association shall be to serve the public interest through the Amateur Radio Service; to educate the Amateur Radio community and the population in general in the Amateur Radio art, law, and related sciences; to research new technologies and techniques as related to Amateur Radio; and to develop, engineer, operate, and maintain the equipment and technologies necessary for the Amateur Radio community to serve the public interest in central Wisconsin.

Our Repeaters

We have several repeaters located across Central Wisconsin.  From analog, System Fusion, D-STAR, to IRLP.  


146.820 MHz – PL 114.8
145.410 MHz – PL 114.8
146.700 MHz – PL 123.0
444.300 MHz – PL 114.8
442.675 MHz – PL 123.0
53.45 MHz – PL 114.8

System Fusion

146.730 MHz Digital and Analog
– PL 88.5


145.245 – Digital Voice
442.48675 MHz – Digital Voice
1282.100 MHz – Digital Voice
1298.000 MHz – Digital Data


IRLP is available on our 444.300 MHz Repeater.  Use of IRLP is encouraged and open to anyone.  With the ability to connect to large nodes, we ask that you use your radio best practices when connecting.  Do you enjoy IRLP, help us out by becoming a member of the RMRA,

Repeater Locations

We have three sites where our repeaters are located.  Most are located on top of Rib Mountain in Wausau, Wisconsin.  The others are located in the Town of Brighton and Coloma, Wisconsin.

Current News

Keep up with the latest information from the RMRA. Follow us on our facebook page.

2023-2024 Board of Directors

David Peters

Justin Krienke
Vice President

Rich Maier

Kevin Woolsey

Dean Andrewjeski
Board Member